I am a graduate student at the University of Utah. I am almost finished with my MS in computing, specializing in computer graphics and scientific visualization. I also have a PhD in physics, where I specialized in the finite element method (here's my dissertation). I first discovered computer graphics when I was writing my physics dissertation since I wanted to create high-quality renderings of my scientific data. I loved computer graphics so much that I decided to go back to school so I can have a career in this amazing, fun, creative field.

I have many rendered images, from using commericial renderers and also my own ray tracing program. Most of my work is found on this page, and some of the images have a separate page for details.

Contest Images

You can find more rendering competition images and descriptions at each entry's individual page. The main website for the Utah Teapot Rendering Competition is found at http://graphics.cs.utah.edu/trc/.

Teapots with Candies. Utah Teapot Rendering Competition 2014.

Visit the 2014 page.

The image above was so popular that my department at the University of Utah decided to display it on the wall outside of the main office, part of a larger banner showing representations of the different types of work in the department. This was a tremendous honor. This image is possibly my best, and one of my earliest since I created it for the raytracing class project. I used simple path tracing, and in order to resolve all of the caustics before the deadline I had to recruit the use of pretty much every CPU that I could find, which included several clusters. In all I used hundreds of CPU cores over a three day period. It was pure determination that allowed me to create this image, and I have yet to create a more compelling image three years later.

Download the high resolution image.

Christmas Village. Pixar's RenderMan "Rolling Teapot" Art Challenge 2017.

Visit the details page.

Christmas Teapots. Utah Teapot Rendering Competition 2016.

Visit the 2016 page for high-resolution videos and more images.

Pile of Teapots. Utah Teapot Rendering Competition 2015.

Visit the 2015 page.

New and Improved

As I continue to improve my raytracer I will be creating new scenes or re-rendering some old scenes. Any new images I create with my renderer will be posted here.

Images from my Raytracing Class

Here are my favorite images that I created when I was first learning raytracing programming in the fall of 2014.

Early Renderings

These are the first raytraced images that I created when I was first discovering computer graphics while I was working on my physics PhD. I used either Modo or Maxwell Render to render the images.


Some standard models.

Stanford dragon

Stanford bunny

Lucy, angel statue


Utah teapot - low resolution

Utah teapot - medium resolution

Utah teapot - high resolution

Water-Tight Utah Teapots. I created various water tight teapots in order to use a physically-based glass material.

WT-teapot with separate lid, 2016 edition, triangle mesh

WT-teapot with separate lid, 2016 edition, quad mesh

Thin-walled teapot (fused lid)

Solid teapot (fused lid)

WT-teapot with separate lid