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In the fall of 2014 I took CS6620 - Ray Tracing for Graphics at the University of Utah. These pages show the results of each homework assignment along with my work for the Utah Teapot Rendering Contest. I have continued to improve my rendering program, and my new images are also shown here. OBJ files of my models can be downloaded at the end of this page.

Contest Images

You can find rendering competition images and descriptions at each entry's individual page. The main website for the contest is found at

Visit the 2016 page for high-resolution videos and more images.
Visit the 2015 page.
Visit the 2014 page.

New and Improved

As I continue to improve my raytracer I will be creating new scenes or re-rendering some old scenes. Any new images I create with my renderer will be posted here.

Select Images from my Class Projects

Here are my favorite images that I created for the class.

Project Pages

Project 1: ray casting

Project 2: shading

Project 3: shadows

Project 4: reflections and refractions

Project 5: triangular meshes

Project 6: space partitioning

Project 7: textures

Project 8: antialiasing

Project 9: depth of field

Project 10: soft shadows and glossy surfaces

Project 11: Monte Carlo GI

Project 12: path tracer

Project 13: photon mapping

Project 14: rendering contest

2015 rendering contest

2016 rendering contest


Stanford dragon

Stanford bunny

Lucy, angel statue


Utah teapot - low resolution

Utah teapot - medium resolution

Utah teapot - high resolution

Water-Tight Utah Teapots

WT-teapot with separate lid, 2016 edition, triangle mesh

WT-teapot with separate lid, 2016 edition, quad mesh

Thin-walled teapot (fused lid)

Solid teapot (fused lid)

WT-teapot with separate lid