Project 11: Monte Carlo GI

For global illumination I have diffuse scattering, where light is scattered uniformly in all directions above the surface of the material (a hemisphere, cosine-weighted sampling). The first image has an r-squared falloff of the point light. To make the illumination look similar, I changed the intensity of the point light from 0.5 to 80.0. The second scene is identical except for no light falloff. Both of these images have 4 diffuse bounces and 6,000 samples, rendering time 5.8 hours using 32 cores. The third image has only 1 diffuse bounce. These images have a gamma correction applied.

r-squared falloff

This scene shows a teapot on a ground plane under a white skydome. The first image has 1 diffuse bounce, and the second image has 4 diffuse bounces.

Scenes with r-squared falloff of the light source. The sphere in the Cornell box scene is showing caustics, but the second scene, Motherchild, is not even though I have 64 bounces. I re-rendered the Motherchild scene to have a small area light, glossy reflection on the ground, and 4 diffuse bounces for global illumination.

Sphere with Caustics

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