Project 12: path tracer

I put together a scene with glossy reflective stones, glass slabs, and an area light. I also have depth of field. There seems to be a problem with the reflections off the glass slabs in the far distance. 320 samples, 100 specular bounces, 16 diffuse bounces.

Glossy Stones

This is the scene from last year for demonstrating photon mapping. I am only using one-way path tracing, but I am getting a good result. The 1st scene uses Phong shading on the teapot, and the second uses Blinn shading.

Phong Teapot
Blinn Teapot

This is supposed to be a green glass sphere sitting on top of a white groundplane with a white skydome. Since I allowed no diffuse bounces, and the skydome was being treated as a background image and not a light source, the groundplane is black. At first I thought there was something wrong with my shader, since I am using a new material shading class, but when I rendered the same scene in a commercial renderer I realized the banded shading is from Fresnel reflection. The second image is shown with a checker ground pattern and global illumination.

Green Sphere
Checker Sphere

A watertight glass teapot. From the Bezier description of the teapot I generated a quad mesh, separated the various pieces into separate meshes (spout, handle, lid, body, rims of the lid and body and spout). I copied parts, resized them smaller so the inner shells matched up with the inner part of the lips (then flipping the normals of the inner polygons), sliced the quads where the different parts intersected, finally triangulating the mesh, then went through the process of removing extra polygon, and aligning and merging seam vertices in order to make this a solid teapot. Then I created a smooth normal map, and modified the seams to create hard edges.

Glass Teapot

I created a glass container and filled it with marbles using a simulation. 13,824 samples, 100 specular bounces, 4 diffuse bounces. Click for double sized image.


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