Project 4: reflections and refractions

Adding reflections and refractions. It took 4.4 minutes to render on a dual 8-core with 32 bounces and 64 samples per pixel. This image includes absorption. The image after was rendered without absorption.

Reflections and Refractions
Without Absorption

The mother/child model. This took a little over 5 hours to render on a dual 8-core with 32 bounces and 32 samples per pixel. The same image with 16 bounces only took 47 minutes. There was a noticeable difference in appearance between 16 and 32 bounces in a couple places. For comparison, I also rendered the scene (as close a match as I could get) in the commercial raytracer Maxwell Render.

mother/child by Maxwell Render

A scene showing some reflections and shadows. I transformed this Foundry/Modo scene into a triangle mesh and imported it into my raytracer.


In the mother/child scene I had the error where reflected rays inside the transparent object did not have transmittance applied, so internal reflections were all overbright. Second, I did not have my glass material set up properly. Here it has diffuse color, but I fixed it by having the color entirely created through absorption.


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