Project 8: antialiasing

Using adaptive sampling from 8 to 64 samples. The second image shows the number of samples, where black is the minimum, and white the maximum. I implemented several sampling methods, random, low-discrepancy, and Halton. I found low-discrepancy to be the best, and random was the worst. I also implemented a variety of filtering, where I would save all the pixel samples until the rendering was finished. I could then apply any filter I wanted, but I found that saving each sample took up a lot of memory. I ended up just averaging all the samples within each pixel. Render time was about 5 seconds using 32 cores.

This is the scene I used for path tracing (shown after), but here I show it without global illumination, but I included gamma correction.

I just had to try path tracing. 4 diffuse bounces for the first image, and only 1 for the second.

For the second scene, the first image also shows 4 diffuse bounces, and the 2nd image only has 1 diffuse bounce.

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