Project 9: depth of field

This image has focal length 70 mm and lens radius of 1.5 meters (conversely, f-number of 0.02333, which is entirely unrealistic). Runtime 8 minutes on 32 cores. 1,000 samples, 8 bounces.

scene 1

For this image I used physically possible camera settings with focal length = 3 meters, f-number = 1. The depth of field (equal to the far in-focus plane minus the near in-focus plane) is very nearly identical to before, around 2.6 meters. I used path tracing with this one (and no ambient lighting), 6,000 samples, 4 bounces.

scene 2

I changed the depth of field to 5.3 meters (double the previous) with focal length 1.5 meters so that more of the scene is in focus. 6,000 samples, 8 bounces.

scene 2

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