Fun Stuff

This page shows some of my graphics work. All of the images displayed were rendered (ray-traced) with either Modo (by The Foundry) or Maxwell Render. C++ programs were written to create/process the meshes for the geometry, and scripts for importing the scenes into Modo. A discussion of how I first created some of the images can be found on the Modo forum. My favorite graphics software is shown to the right.

My favorite area of computer graphics is advanced rendering, followed closely by mesh algorithms.

Contours. I developed a routine for taking tesselated surfaces and slicing them by contour levels (elevations). The direction and number of levels can be arbitrarily specified.

The Autumn collection. These images show the results from drawing uniform lines on parameterized surfaces. It is called the Autumn collection because I am using the same colormap, which is named Autumn, for all the images.

More images.